• Quiet motion
  • Realistic rowing resistance
  • Excellent build quality


  • Premium price
  • Heavier than others
  • Lower resistance levels


In a world where the pressure to stay fit is almost unreal (despite our busy lifestyles), it is always refreshing to come across a fitness machine that not only helps you burn that extra fat, but also do so in the most effective and convenient way possible.

The First Degree Fitness Water Rower with Adjustable Resistance is built for both intense workouts or simple warm ups and coming at a rather reasonable price, is it worth your hard-earned dollars?

Let’s see about that in this short but comprehensive rowing machine review, shall we?

What We Like

1) The Build Quality

Even at first glance, there is no doubt that this machine has been elegantly and almost flawlessly built. The exterior enjoys a dual tone chamfered metal finish with a few polycarbonate lined handles for maximum comfort handling.

2) Ease of Use

For starters, the designers of this rowing machine made sure that it was easy to assemble ‘out-of-the-box’. And this is something that most of us will appreciate especially if you’re novice or beginner when it comes to training with rowing machines.

There are very screws to contend with, and assembly kit includes almost everything that you will need to bring up your workout to speed. This includes; screwdrivers, a water treatment kit, paint (for those once-in-a-lifetime scratches) and an adjustable wrench (just in case you don’t have a home garage).

Another usability aspect that make the First Degree Fitness Water Rower with Adjustable Resistance attractive is its low operating noise. If anything, the hum is so low, and the water sound is almost silent to the extent that it is possible to listen to music or even watch your favorite TV program while rowing in your living room.

Unlike other rowing machines, where you literally have to wear some earplugs whenever you plan on using it for your daily workout, the First Degree feels very smooth, and the transmission system glides smoothly whenever engaged.

3) Easy and Convenient Adjustability

Not all rowing machines allow easy adjustability and personalization as far as the training resistance is concerned. But the First Degree is a little different in the aspect that you can set the machine to any resistance level of your choice.

For those looking for a really intensive workout experience, you can set the resistance at maximum level and row hard/fast. In any case, if you need a simple warming up routine, you can level down the resistance such that a few and moderate strokes can be sufficient enough.

4) It’s Fun Working out With it

What’s more, you can also watch the meter as you row or even admire the swirling of the water as your muscles stretch and endure under the resistance of the piston. Add that to the incessant humdrum that characterizes a good row and you can now appreciate the luxury of an intensive but painless workout.

What We Don’t Like

1) It rather heavy and cumbersome

The machine is predominantly made of metal, so you can imagine it’s sheer weight especially when you’re using it. In short, it means that unless you’re going to use it on a well-tiled surface, you may want to put some old rugs and carpets to protect your flooring.

Proud wood panels enthusiasts I hope you’re noting this down!

Our Verdict

Long story short, the First Degree Fitness Water Rower might be a heavy and rather a cumbersome machine to move along with, but it is reasonably priced and offers an equally inspiring user-friendly experience even to first-time rowers.

Worth every cent.