The rowing machine comes in four types-magnetic, air, water and hydraulic.

Water can hold approximately 500 pounds while the rest accommodate between 250 and 300 pounds. I shall discuss how much a rowing machine cost and tips on how one can purchase a quality and durable rowing machine.

The Cost Of A Rowing Machine

The cost of a rowing machine ranges from $134 to $1000 depending on the resistance it offers and material used to construct it. Most rowers are made of metal, but there are high-quality models that are made of high-quality wood and may cost up to $2500

Hydraulic rowers are the cheapest due to their small in size and doesn’t stimulate real rowing. A piston-based Stamina Glidemaster 1210 conversion rower with abdominal exerciser cost $149.

Water rowing machines are the most expensive ranging from $1095 to $2500.

This is because they use a tank of water to facilitate high and tough resistance posed by a river or a lake.

Air and magnetic rowers are a mid-rage price. For example, there is this air-based integrity 3000 that cost $174 while a magnet Kettler Ergo coach that offers durability, PC interface technology good strength setting goes for $1259.

The air rower lacks these features.

Tips On Buying A Rowing Machine

The following tips are important if someone intends to buy a rowing machine. They are:

1) Price range
One need to set a price range before they decide to purchase one. If the machine is to be used for a regular basis, one need to set aside a large amount, so as to buy a quality rowing machine.

2) Types of rowing machine
These can be categorized into two. First, based on space occupying and secondly, based on resistance system

(a) Based on space occupying
In the market, there are two types of the product based on this. They include the folding type and fixed type. Folding type requires less space while the fixed type requires more space. On top of this, fixed type are more durable compared to folding type. One has to consider these two facts if they intend on buying the machine.

(b) Based on resistance
There are four categories based on this which includes: water rowing machine, air, hydraulic and magnetic.

Water pressure is used to provide resistance in the water resistance rowing machine. This makes the machine be smooth in action. This provides the best resistance. Unfortunately, this type is heavier and requires more maintenance since water in cylinders have to be changed frequently.

Air rowing machine uses flywheels to give resistance. Its resistance is effective but it produces a lot of noise.

Hydraulic rowing machine uses oil filled in cylinders to give resistance. They are light and can be stored. This can be the ideal machine for home use.

Magnetic rowing machine uses magnetic fields to offer adjustable resistance. They are light in weight and noise efficient. It is effective in rowing and if you want a quality machine you can purchase one.

One has to consider the above fact before purchasing one.

3) Sliding track, seat and rower
Lastly, one has to consider the quality of the rower, seat and sliding track. Rowers should be made of a durable and quality material to enhance strong grip which is essential for rowing operation. One must check these if they want a durable and high-quality product.