• Simple monitor
  • Smooth rowing
  • Solid build


  • Louder than others
  • Flimsy footstraps
  • Miscounted strokes

What We Like

The LifeSpan RW 1000 Rowing Machine has several key features that set it apart from its competitors. In particular, it features a smooth drive system, solid steel frame, and the unit easily folds for space efficient storage.

The LCD Monitor tracks distance, calories, time, strokes rowed, and strokes per minute. It provides the user with instantaneous workout feedback and biometrics. The LifeSpan RW Rowing Machine 1000 was also the recipient of the 2008 Gear Award Seal of Excellence.

One of the biggest benefits of this unit is the ease of assembly. Many comparable rowing units are difficult and awkward for the average user to assemble at home. The LifeSpan RW 1000 assembles with one person in roughly 30 minutes.

The space efficient design of this unit is it another huge advantage. It boasts a much smaller smaller footprint then comparable units and the unit folds up neatly for easy storage.

Most importantly, the LifeSpan RW 1000 rower provides an excellent workout and the five built-in resistance levels that are perfect for customizing your workout.

What We Don’t Like

The LCD monitor displays a wide range user metrics, but the unit is flawed. Many customers experience difficulty with unit function and often displays do not function at all or fail very early in the life of the rower. When it is functioning, it may miscount strokes.

The foot straps on the LifeSpan RW 1000 are awkward at best. Not only are they flimsy, but they have a tendency to destabilize the unit, pulling the rower right off the ground with heavy resistance.

This does not allow for a smooth or efficient user experience.

The unit is louder than comparable rowing units and may be distracting to some people. If you plan to watch television or listen to music without head phones, you may be disappointed in the Life Span Fitness RW1000’s design.

Our Verdict

Overall come the lifespan RW 1000 is a solid rower. Functional, affordable, and will get the job done. If workout metrics and analytics are priority for you than the Lifespan RW 1000 is not be the ideal choice for you.

This rower presents a decent value for the money, but if you are willing to spend a bit more to have a heightened user experience then you may be better off with a slightly upgraded unit.

The ease of assembly as well is one of the biggest highlights of this product and will certainly be attractive for customers that are not handy with tools or who do not have somebody to help them assemble their fitness machine.

But, the rower’s two fatal design flaws, the foot straps and the display, will be major drawbacks for people that are looking for these features. Additionally, if you are looking to purchase a quiet rower, the lifespan RW 1000 rowing machine is likely not the best option for you.

If those features are not high on your list of priorities and you simply want a solid mid- range, affordable rover of good value and competitively prices the LifeSpan RW 1000 will certainly meet your needs.