Rowing Machine Calories

If you have started 2016 with a new healthier, keep-fit attitude then you have no doubt noticed a popular new trend. Fitness addicts everywhere are dropping the dumbbells in exchange for a rowing machine. There are so many benefits to using this device, you can even burn some impressive rowing machine calories in a good 20-minute high-intensity workout for beginners. From the first time you sit down to try this, you will be experiencing a full body session, meaning every muscle possible is going to be stretched. Be prepared for a hard yet enjoyable time.

The actual proven amount of calories you can burn is 200 on a tough 20 minute workout session. This is going to involve some serious rowing, you can get started like this. Sit in the proper position getting as comfortable as possible, feet on foot-pads and make sure you pull it out or as close as needed. Comfort is key here so you don’t strain any unnecessary muscles. Grab the handlebars, relax your shoulders and take a few practice pulls while building up your strength. A lot of users like to wear special gloves so they don’t sweat to much or loose their grip. This all depends on the users, if you feel your hands are strong enough then just work away.

Rowing Machine Technique

Keep your arms extended, work your torso and really pull and push, you should feel the instant strain on your thighs. Check out your numbers on the machine as you go, but remember what you are reading is each time you complete a successful row. The faster you move, the more calories you will burn as your heart rate increases. If you are starting out with a 20-minute rowing session then take a quick stretch break at 10 minutes. Get up, jog in place or around the gym, sit down and continue. This helps to increase the burn and your body ready for major calorie burning.

For those who are carefully monitoring the machine and want to see maximum results, you want to be reaching at least 20 strokes per minute, if you get to 30 then you will be on the fast track to burning over 200 calories in half an hour. When you start to reach 30, break up the intensity and drop to 20 for a short time before returning to 30. Intervals are good practice and make it easier on your body. This all about your cardiovascular endurance so breaks are crucial for success.

The actual amount of calories on any given session that you burn all depends on your speed and length of time. The above guide is a rough estimate on a 20-30 minute session. Feel free to increase or decrease your time if you wish to burn more, or just have a quick workout. A rowing machine workout can be a lot more enjoyable than running on a treadmill, or an hour using kettlebells. You can get a full body session in half the time. Next time you are in the gym head for your nearest rowing machine and burn those calories.