Top Rated Rowing Machines

top-rated-rowing-machines-277x300Looking for the top rated rowing machines? Well here they are. Like any product you’re interested in buying, it always pays off to understand what you’re getting and doing some research. Rowing machines are no different, specially because they’re costly investments that you expect to last over a long period of time.See the top rated rowing machines now

For that purpose, taking time to look through the ratings and reviews, and try out the different products available is key. We’ve done that for you so you won’t have to spend hours and hours of your time. And if you want to know which of the models have been given the best ratings by users and critics here they are.

Concept2 Model D

Concept2-Model-D-300x150Atop our list of the top rated rowing machines is the Concept2 Model D ergometer. This comes as no surprise as anyone who’s serious about their rowing or wants to get the best piece of equipment that can keep them ready to perform on the boat once the off season is over looks to this erg to keep them competitive.

With a 4.9 rating that just misses out on the perfect 5.0 score, the Model D has over 370 very satisfied customers on This indoor rower comes with a heavy duty frame that supports 500 lbs. easy with the ability to hold more. Designed for crew members, it has a long monorail that glides effortless so you get to execute your rowing stroke smoothly. Powering the machine is its air powered flywheel that is connected to a chain mechanism that users pull on using an ergonomically designed handle.

Three major reasons why the Model D is a top rated product that sits atop the best sellers list is are its ability to closely simulate rowing with oars in the water, an industrial grade build that can withstand constant repetitive use and an exceptionally feature rich performance monitor that logs all training details that you can analyze later on.

Concept2 Model E

Concept2-Model-E-300x233Next on our top rated rowing machine reviews is the Concept2 Model E indoor row machine. This is successor of the highly successful Model D mentioned above. With a high user approved score of 4.7 from a total of 5.0, the Model E builds on where the Model D leaves off.

It has a number of changes that improve the overall user experience, including an upgraded PM4 monitor and nickel plated chain that pulls the flywheel, as the brand continues to improve its products not just to cater to elite athletes or young rowers but also those just looking to get full body cardiovascular workout to get or stay in shape.

Built on a base that’s 6 inches higher than the Model D, it is much easier to get on and off this newer model since the height (20 inches) is similar to sitting down on a chair. The damper that powers the Model E is similar to that of its predecessor using a braking mechanism based on air resistance. In this setup, airflow controls how much resistance the user feels. It also comes with a damper setting that lets users control how much air the vent will allow in.

To limit the noise made by air resistance rowing machines, Concept2 has installed an extra shroud inside the housing. Eight feet long and two feet in width, it is able to accommodate tall and short users as well as those that are just starting out and those who have achieved Masters rowing status.

Velocity Fitness CHR-2001

Similar to the two previous models mentioned above, the Velocity Fitness CHR-2001 is a folding rowing machine that can be broken down quickly and conveniently after working out to take up the least amount of space when not in use. From a long 80 inches, its size is reduced to almost half that at 43 inches in length when it is time to put it away.

The CHR-2001 is a good option for those who are looking for a more affordable ergometer that doesn’t
cost $1000, but offers a better rowing experience and more features than the low cost budget rowers. Built to cater to anyone looking for a good endurance and strength workout, the CHR-2001 uses its DMC (Drum Magnetic Control) resistance system that allows users to select for 8 varying difficulty settings. Because it uses a magnetic brake similar to those in exercise bikes and other exercise machines, it is very quiet and doesn’t make squeaking noised like hydraulic rowers or the loud wind fan sounds or air rowers.

Equipped with twelve workout routines including some pre-set and others you can customize, it allows you to keep track of how hard your heart is pumping via a receiver that you can strap on to your chest. With a 275 pound user weight limit and a frame that’s durable and won’t wobble during workouts this is one of the best mid range rowing machines available.

WaterRower Natural

WaterRower-Natural-Row-Machine-300x188WaterRowers are unique in that they allow your senses to get that feeling of being in the water. This is what makes the WaterRower Natural indoor rower one of the top rated rowing machines.

With a polycarbonate tank that lets you see the water, users can relish the calming water sound that’s made each time you go through a rowing stroke. This water resistance rowing machine uses a series of straps and paddles to cut through the water like oars do when rowing on an open lake or river.

Another major feature of the WaterRower Natural series its is extremely elegant outer wood finish. With great attention to detail, it has a solid ash and stained honey oak finish exterior that serves three very useful purposes. One is to provide its extremely good looks. Second is the extreme durability and third its noise dampening properties which make it quiet enough you can row in your bedroom without waking anyone up.

It’s Your Move Now

Indoor rowers are different from many of the more conventional home cardio equipment available like exercise bikes, treadmills and even elliptical machines. While these exercise machines allow us to use our legs the way we’re accustomed to rowing machines don’t which is why many people tend to shun away from them thinking that they are difficult and don’t want to look embarrassed not knowing how to operate one.

However, these machines are one of the most effective ways to workout your entire body without placing unnecessary stress on your knees, ankles and joints. If you’re on the market for one of these, the top rated rowing machines listed here will give you a workout you’ll enjoy.

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