Water Rowing Machine Buyer’s Guide

We live in an age of fitness. During the last twenty years, technology has slowly creeped into our lives requiring us to either sit, or stand in one place for long periods of time. Ironically, with the convenience that technology gives us, there have been more demand made on us with technology. We work longer hours while our bodies remain inert.

Our ancestors did not have Wi-Fi, smartphones or cars. A rustic lifestyle required long hours filled with rugged exercise for their bodies, walking, carrying, lifting, almost constant movement. Associety, has moved from a rustic to an urban lifestyle, we have moved from the farm and outdoor work, to the office and indoor work at desks with computers. While our means of survival have changed, our bodies haven’t. Our muscles still need to be used, our heart and cardiovascular system works best when our bodies get the workout it was built for.

Our exercise routines today include jogging, which, while it works the body and heart, is highly impactful and could cause harm our legs and knees in the long term. We seek a workout that impacts our bodies the least while giving us the workout we need. Enter rowing machines.

There are now on the market, two kinds of rowing machines: the conventional mechanical rowing machines seen at gyms, and the water rowing machine, which simulates natural movement through water. Rowing machines are an aerobic exercise, and can help with weight loss. It gives us an upper and lower body workout, and it increases endurance. It is an excellent method of cardio fitness. And, unlike jogging and other types of high-impact exercise, a rowing machine lets our bodies get the workout it needs with low-impact, natural movement that provides even higher benefits for us.

What the advantages of water rowing machines over convention mechanical rowers? Water rowing machines simulate natural rowing, so there’s no slippage, jerkiness or jarring. Like natural rowing in a lake, stream or river, there is a paddle immersed in water, so there is no mechanical feel during the exercise. This helps to lesson injury that could occur with mechanical rowers: the immersed paddle provides natural movement, and an even stroke, lessening the risk of injury. The work is spread more evenly over the muscle groups. The appropriate muscles respond in proportion to their strength, reducing the risk of injury.

Imagine the enjoyment and the relaxation you feel when paddling through a calm lake, when all is quiet. You feel your paddles gently moving the water as your boat moves forward in the lake. As you row, you decide you want to move faster, so you paddle harder and faster. You begin to feel your body’s resistance to your rowing, and your heart rate increases as your arms work the oars, moving forward to back. You become aware that you are having an aerobic workout, improving the oxygen flow through your cardiovascular system. As you row faster and harder, your endurance increase, so the next time you take your boat out onto the lake, it will be easier to go further, even in the rougher and more challenging waters of a river. You feel your whole upper and lower body getting into the demands of rowing as you move quickly though the water. After a while, you have established the best workable speed and rhythm for yourself, and if it is slow, it is still having a positive impact on your cardiovascular system.

But you know that attaining a faster rhythm and speed will reap the best benefits for the body and for your well-being. With water rowing machines, the exerciser has more control of their speed, making the workout a more personal experience. You don’t need to adapt to the water rowing machine, the machine adapts to you. If you are beginner at exercising, a water rowing machine is a great choice because it allows you to start at a speed that works best for you. You can begin paddling gently through the water and over time, increase your resistance. And as you continue your exercise regimen and are ready to take on a more rigorous challenge. You can determine the speed at which to go. The water rowing machine will respond to whatever speed you wish to go.

Back in the days before technology, even before the industrial age, most people lived in rural areas instead of urban areas. These people were primarily farmers, and most of the economy was based on what farmers produced and sold. Another part of the economy also based on food production were fisherman.

Even earlier than an agricultural economy, there were tribal communities which were self-subsistent. To obtain the food to feed the members of their community, they had to hunt and fish. The fisherman mainly used canoes. The best rowers were chosen to row out to the places in the lakes and rivers near the community and, with large nets, collect the fish. Sometimes they rowed in their own canoes, and other times in tandem with other rowers who piloted larger canoes. If in tandem, they rowed quickly to their destination in the water, which could be miles or knots distance from their settlement. It was necessary for each rower to row at the same speed as the other rower. Their bodies quickly adjusted to the established speed, as they effortlessly reached their destination and collected food.

Today we benefit from communications and media technology that our ancestors could never even dream of. Yet this technology has taken a toll on our bodies. While we live in the 21st century, our bodies have not evolved to a sedentary existence. Exercise outside our work is now required to keep our bodies fit and functioning properly. Exercise not only keeps our bodies fit, it also greatly reduces stress and improves feelings of well-being. This is what our bodies tell us: Use us, work us hard, we need you to challenge our muscles and our heart systems! If you work us, we will reward you!

Water rowing machines simulate natural movement, are low-impact, and are an excellent source of cardio fitness. Which brands have been found to be the best water rowers on the market? We’ve researched and found five brands that have been tested and found to be the best water rowing machines.

1. WaterRower

The WaterRower has a flywheel design, which is unique because it reproduces the exact physical dynamics of a boat moving through water. Not only does it provide your needed physical exercise regimen, it is also a pleasurable experience exercising, as it accurately replicates the enjoyment of rowing.

The amount of exercise you wish to put into your rowing regimen depends on you, and not the WaterRower. With WaterRower, you can gently paddle through the water, or give it all you have for a more extreme workout. If you row harder, you will go faster; if you row easier, like through a calm stream, you go slower. What’s nice about the WaterRower is that it’s a self-paced exercise. So, for example, you can begin your workout slowly and, as your resistance improve, you begin to row harder, improving your cardiovascular fitness. The WaterRower lets you be in control, so regardless of your physical health when you begin with the WaterRower, you won’t have to adapt to the machine, the machine adapts to you. When you can control your workout, you will keep to it much longer, because you specify your starting point.

Rowing is also proven to be the best exercise for arthritis. It is easy on the joints, giving them a fuller range of motion. It does this with a minimum of impact. Rowing is great for joint sufferers, and remember, you control the speed and the amount of impact you wish to put into your exercise. Regardless of the speed you choose, your joints and body will benefit greatly from the work you put into your routine.

2. First Degree Fluid Rowers

Water rowers in general use something called the Cube Rule. The Cube Rule means that, to go twice as fast through water, you need to row eight times as fast. Water rowers are less impact machines, so doubling your speed will be easier and less impactful to your body. The First Degree fluid rower water rowing machine has Fluid Technology, which is built into their water rowing machine. As you build your resistance and work harder, the fluid resistance unit responds, without the slack or stoppage that you will feel with mechanical rowers.

The unit containing the water of the water rowing machine is contains eight liters of water, with a measuring line on it to make sure it’s filled with the precise amount of water. It comes as well with tablets that are dropped in the water to prevent fungus and algae growth.

There are twenty different levels of water resistance preset with the First-DegreeFluid Rower, and it also comes with a monitor that shows your elapsed time as well as a pacing indicator, and an indicator showing how many calories per hour you are burning. The monitor also comes with a USB option, so you can interact with other sources, and with other people using the water rower.

3. H2O Fitness RX-750 Water Rower

The H2O Fitness rower is also a machine designed to mimic actual rowing. The water tank is a polycarbonate with an internal paddle. It is ergonomically designed for comfort and for increased exercise benefits. When your boy is placed in a natural position for rowing, there will be no unnatural stress and you will reap higher rewards. If you are serious about your workout, you could not do better than to use a water rower. With the RX-750, you can monitor your heart rate, and how many stokes you do per minute. So, each time you exercise you can determine what rate you achieved in your last workout, and then set a goal to meet or exceed that level. The display with this model is oversized, so it is easy to read so you can continue your workout uninterrupted while getting the vial information about time of exercise, distance travelled, calories burned and heart rate. The footrests pivot, so it is easy to adjust, and can be sized to fit children’s feet as well. In general, the RX-750 provides a relaxing exercise experience.

Modern technology has reached the point where it strives to duplicate our natural environment. State of the art rowing machines now mimic rowing naturally through water, which makes the most sense. These water rowers being reviewed reflect the most modern discoveries about health and exercise. Here is one more water rower we’ve reviewed that provides the most natural form of exercise while allowing the body to row through water, as reflected in nature.

4. Life Fitness Water Rower

The Life Fitness Water Rower emphasizes benefits to your cardiovascular system. Designed in gym-style, or in natural wood versions for the home, this water rower can be used regardless of fitness level.

The Life Fitness Water Rower comes in two models, the Row GX Trainer and the Row HX Trainer. The GX Trainer comes with a dial for easy adjustment, and 16 different resistance options. The GX Trainer is the model which is used in health and athletic clubs throughout the world. It is a compact model, so it is easy to move around the house. In moving through water, it has fluid technology which naturally duplicates the feel of rowing through water.

The HX Trainer is a natural wood design. Its wood aesthetic means it can be used in any room, matching the design of the room you choose. It has a dial, like the GC Trainer, and offers four different levels of resistance. It’s important to note that you can change resistance levels without having to fill or empty water from the water console. When stored upright, the HX trainer is under seven feet tall.

If you’re going to spend time and exert the effort to exercise, and we know today that cardio fitness is so important, it is best to consider using a machine that gives us an exercise experience that has the lowest impact on our bodies. Water rowers are here, and they meet this demand.