• Easy assembly
  • Simple to use
  • Good beginners rower


  • Low Seat Height
  • Low weight capacity
  • Minimal features

What We Like

This rower was really simple to put together and is really smooth when in use.

The rower is at a low price point compared to others on the market so there are less features then the leading models, but if simple but effective is what you are after, this is a great rowing machine for the money.

The rower is built to last, even at the low price, a review on Amazon has reported to have been using the machine for more than three years and is now passing it on to a friend to use.

It is a great machine for a full body workout and a rowing machine is a much better choice of equipment if you are short on time, you will get a more effective workout with a rower as opposed to a treadmill or cross trainer.

A rower is also a better option for low impact workouts, so if you have any knee pain choose a rower over a treadmill.

What We Don’t Like

This rower isn’t a competition grade rower, so couldn’t be used for warming up before hitting the water due to the way the resistance band works.

When rowing, your legs are supposed to do most of the work as your arms and back tire before your legs do, but with this machine, your arms do most of the work.

There isn’t really any variety with this machine, you increase the resistance by rowing harder, whereas the more expensive models have a resistance lever or knob to make the workout harder.

Our Verdict

It’s great for overall fitness and fat burning but not a machine you would use as a practise rower.

You need to ensure you use the correct form when rowing or you could easily get just an arm workout instead of a full body workout.

If you are looking for a good cardio or general fitness machine this would be a good overall machine to buy.

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